360 Panoramas!

Check out my 360° panorama pictures and videos! I am playing in the 3D and Virtual Reality spaces for new relationships to media. Enjoy our trip to Denver with us in Virtual Tour 360 mode! Please leave comments in the box below.

Day 1: Denver Children’s Museum

Logo of Denver Childrens Museum

Photos and video coming soon!

The Denver Children’s Museum is a must-see while in Denver. It reminded me of the trip I made with my family as a child to the Boston Children’s Museum. Sure we had pictures taken of us back then, but now we can experience memories in virtual spaces that are manipulable. In fact, isn’t the point of most of the museums to engage visitors in all senses? I recorded this footage and took the photographs so that my family, and my family to come, can see in the most intimate detail our experiences. How I wish that I had this of my many family and friends who have passed.

You will see in some of the video and photos that my 360° rig brought about a lot of attention and buzz!


Day 2: Denver Zoo

Bring your walking shoes to the Denver Zoo! The patrons of the Zoo for the day were very interested in my 6 Go Pro Cameras in the waterproof 360° rig. I have very acutely realized that I am working on something special here. You can find a virtual tour in 360 Panorama format below. It is a work in progress as I work with so much film and photos, but I will update it here as soon as I can!



See the whole trip (uploaded so far).



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